Offshore Survival Course

Information for getting work in the oil and gas industry

Made, written and contributed by

Offshore Survival Course

Information for getting work in the oil and gas industry

Made, written and contributed by

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There is clear information on jobs, UK agencies and companies to contact, how skills can cross over easily to oil and gas, and give you tips and tools to research or dive deeper for those of you with extra drive. 

Offshore Survival Training Courses for OIl gas career


Get information on what you need to be ‘offshore ready’ when looking for a job offshore. 

bosiet, mist and oguk price compare

Compare Prices on Offshore Survival Training

Compare the different prices for BOSIET, MIST and OGUK between the different training facilities in the UK.

an oil rig job with no experience

OGUK Medical providers In Aberdeen and surrounding area

Find an OGUK certified medical practice in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

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Oil and Gas Jobs

The content on this website is about oil and gas and the offshore industry in the UK and north sea. This website is mainly for people new/newer to the industry to help you on your journey to your job offshore whether it is a rig or a vessel. 

You can get information on oil rig jobs, to see what there is. 

If you are ready to go for a job offshore with no offshore experience, we recommend reading the offshore survival guide and getting the list of agencies to apply to. 



About us

The offshore oil and gas world is very closed to people outside of the industry, and most people don’t know anything about it, only that it is exciting, potentially dangerous and well paid. 

This is a resource that we all wish we had when we tried to get our first jobs offshore. Everything on this website is written by 100% by real oil workers. Content will be added over time.

Join our facebook group if you are interested in receiving updates, or posting questions. If you are interested in getting a job offshore and you haven’t got any offshore experience, see the Offshore Survival Guide. 

Editor: Edward Murray, Testing Engineer.

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