Offshore Survival Website

Info on the oil/gas and GWO industries; jobs, courses and medicals

Written and contributed by offshore workers

Offshore Survival Website

Info on the oil/gas and GWO industries; jobs, courses and medicals

Written and contributed by offshore workers

Offshore Oil/Gas and GWO information

Created by oil and gas workers

Information on oil/gas and GWO training courses, different jobs in the industries, discounts from training providers.

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Aberdeen and Newcastle Locations

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Offshore Survival Guide (Now FREE download)

How it works, what the jobs are, who to contact, what the agencies are etc. 

Offshore Survival Training Courses for OIl gas career


The certs needed to be ‘offshore ready’ in oil and gas offshore, are the MIST, BOSIET and OGUK medical. Read more about them.

Discounts on Oil/Gas and GWO courses.

See the current discounts that we have from training providers. So you can save money on your training. Discounts on BOSIETs, FOETS, and GWO courses. 

vessel working next to wind turbines

GWO Training Courses | Wind Farms

For the GWO wind industry, working on the construction of wind turbines, both onshore and offshore. See our list of GWO training locations where you can take the courses. 

bosiet, mist and oguk price compare

Compare Prices on Offshore Survival Training (BOSIET, MIST and Medicals) - 2021 updated

Compare the different prices for BOSIET, MIST and OGUK between the different training facilities in the UK.

UK Oil/Gas Personnel Recruitment Agency List

A list of oil/gas recruitment agencies made by offshore workers. These agencies handle rigs, vessels, wind farms, anything you can think of regarding work offshore, it’s on this list. 

Oil Rig and Vessel Jobs, what are they?

Since it’s a very closed industry that nobody sees, let’s shine some light on some of these oil rig jobs, and if you have no experience offshore then you’ll find it interesting. 

an oil rig job with no experience

OGUK Medical providers In Aberdeen and surrounding area

Find an OGUK certified medical practice in Aberdeen and the surrounding area.

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Oil and Gas Jobs

This website is about oil and gas and the offshore industry in the UK and north sea. This website is mainly for people new/newer to the industry to help you on your journey to your job offshore whether it is a rig or a vessel. 

We put the majority of the info in the guide for jobs on oil rigs and boats, there are other pages on the website with different bits of information. 



I have worked in oil and gas for 10 years. 

I started putting notes together during some downtime over the course of a few trips offshore, and it gathered momentum pretty fast, people wanted to chip in some info, and now the guide is now 35+ pages. 

I think this next year is the most useful time to have a guide like this, to give you the useful information to make your decisions. 

I have kept my identity somewhat hidden, just in case I have written something or used an image that might affect my, or other peoples jobs.