Offshore Survival Website

Information on BOSIET, MIST, OGUK medical providers,
agency lists, wind turbine training and available discounts. 

Written and updated by offshore workers

Offshore Survival Website

Information on BOSIET, MIST, OGUK medical providers,
agency lists, wind turbine training and available discounts. 

Written and contributed by offshore workers

Offshore Survival Courses, Medicals and Insider Information

Offshore Survival is fully managed by offshore workers

Information on oil/gas and GWO training courses, medicals and jobs in the energy industry, discounts from training providers.

New Educational Platform teaching industry and jobs

rig jobs with no experience

Offshore Survival Guide (FREE)

How it works, what the jobs are, who to contact, agency list are etc. Ideal for people who want to work offshore but have no experience, also useful for people in the industry for ideas to change jobs. It’s 38 pages as of Rev 3. 

bosiet, mist and oguk price compare

Prices of Offshore Survival Training (BOSIET) - 2021 updated

Check the current BOSIET Prices. Offshore survival course training in the UK. Previously called RGIT, it’s one of the course certificates you need to work on oil rigs and vessels. 

Offshore Survival Training Courses for OIl gas career

BOSIET, Mist and OGUK Certificates

The certs needed to be ‘offshore ready’ in oil and gas, the offshore survival courses are the MIST, BOSIET and OGUK medical, and as of a couple years ago, you need ‘fit to train’ to do the HUET part of the BOSIET. Read more about them.

Discounts on Oil/Gas and GWO courses.

See the current discounts that we have from offshore survival training providers. So you can save money on your training certificates. Discounts on BOSIETs, FOETS, and GWO courses. 

UK Oil/Gas Personnel Recruitment Agency List

A list of oil/gas recruitment agencies made by offshore workers. These agencies handle rigs, vessels, wind farms, anything you can think of regarding work offshore, it’s on this list. 

vessel working next to wind turbines

GWO Offshore Survival Courses | Wind Farms

For the GWO wind industry, working on the construction of wind turbines, both onshore and offshore. See our list of GWO training locations where you can take the ‘wind turbine’ offshore survival courses. 

Oil Rig and Vessel Jobs, what are they?

Since it’s a very closed industry that nobody sees, let’s shine some light on some of these oil rig jobs, and if you have no experience offshore then you’ll find it interesting. Before you do your oil rig training courses, have a read to see if you see a job you like, and learn a little about what jobs are available. 

an oil rig job with no experience

OGUK Medical providers In Aberdeen and surrounding area

Find an OGUK certified medical practice in Aberdeen and the surrounding area. This is the offshore medical certificate that recognised internationally. 

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I (the main editor of this website) have worked offshore in both oil/gas and the wind turbine industry for 10 years. 

I started putting notes together during some downtime, and over the course of a few trips offshore, and it gathered momentum pretty fast, people wanted to chip in some info, and now, it became a growing resource for people interested in the oil/gas/renewables industry. 

Identities of contributors are somewhat hidden, just in case I have written something or used an image that might affect my, or other peoples jobs. 

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Offshore Survival is not run by a big corporation, and if you find there are some information missing, feel free to help the website by sending us content that brings value, this applies to companies as well as individuals. Email: [email protected]