FOET bosiet refresher


The FOET is the Further Offshore Emergency Training, or also called BOSIET refresher, a 1 day course to renew your BOSIET/FOET, it lasts another 4 years. 

The Price for the FOET course in the UK, is between £425-600 depending on where in the UK you go. 

FOET Package Discounts

We have recommended the below training providers, because they are giving us a discount for our readers/followers. So that not only are they the best FOET training provider(in our opinion), with the discount they also become the cheapest.

To get your discount with them, all you need to do is quote ‘Offshore Survival Website‘ to the booking person. You’ll get about £140 off your FOET / BOSIET refresher course when booked as a package with Norwegian escape chute. See our discount page to see the other courses with discounts. 

FOET BOSIET Refresher Course Provider Scotland

Survivex FOET MIST and Medical

Mist course price: £425+VAT
Location: Aberdeen
Tel: 03302020569

FOET Course Provider England

Mist course price: £500+VAT
Location: Newcastle
Tel: 03302020569

FYI – these two companies have recently merged and now are collectively the biggest oil/gas and renewables training company in the UK. 

What is involved in the FOET / BOSIET Refresher

The FOET is the BOSIET refresher training course for offshore workers who have completed the BOSIET previously. 

It contains the HUET, (helicopter underwater emergency training), basic fire training and first aid.  

How long does a FOET last?

The FOET / BOSIET refresher certificate last 4 years

You must book your FOET before your current FOET certificate or BOSIET expires. If you book your course after your BOSIET/FOET expires, then your will have to re-take the full BOSIET course.

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