Offshore Wind E-Learning Course

The Energy Insider offshore wind industry course and educational platform is an industry awareness tool providing important insights into the industry, technologies and jobs to help you find your job the offshore wind industry.

Offshore Wind Industry Map

Understand what is involved

The first hurdle for people looking for a job in the energy industry is to understand where the jobs are. When you understand what is involved in offshore wind farm development then you will know where to look for the jobs.

The industry is huge and there are so many offshore wind farms planned for the coming decade that there is actually an industry emergency for where they are going to get the workers from. See the skills shortage article.

Learn what different companies do

Learn about different companies and what they do. You have skills that are useful, you just need to know why it’s useful to them, and also selecting the companies that are most aligned with your skills and your interests. This industry is made up of 90% supply chain companies. what that means is that you can’t just type ‘renewable energy company‘ in google and find them. 

Every company is a specialist in something, and companies are looking for people with skills and industry knowledge.

Different companies can require different skills
You could inspect mooring chains for floating wind turbine, if you are welder you could sea-fasten equipment on vessels, if you are into data analytics you could work offshore processing the data for geotechnical core sampling operations. You need to know what companies do if you are going to be successful in applying for energy jobs. That is why this industry awareness course is valuable to help you understand where jobs are and what skills are required for different companies. 

Subsea geotechnical tool during harbour function test

Know what to say in applications

The feedback from recruiters is that energy companies don’t like hiring people with no industry knowledge. This is what course gives you, the industry knowledge that has been notoriously difficult to get. Learn sufficient industry knowledge to include in your application and ‘talk the talk’ in the interview. 

Don’t into an interview with zero industry knowledge. 

For Energy Professionals

The platform will help you increase your industry awareness and gain insights into different aspects of the renewable energy supply chain, processes and technologies.

For a Transitioning Workforce

The platform will provide valuable information to help workers from oil/gas workers and other sectors understand suitable jobs roles in the renewable energy industry.


For Aspiring Professionals

To help the future energy workforce gain specific knowledge about the industry increasing employability and awareness of jobs.

Companies on the Platform

The companies show on the platform are carefully selected as authorities in their respective service areas.

Understand the Operations

We use video footage of operations, animations and explanations from experienced industry professionals to give you insights of what is involved in offshore wind farm development.

Course Price

The course price is £399 (inc VAT)