rig jobs with no experience
rig jobs with no experience

Offshore Survival Guide

Everything you need to know to get into the oil industry when getting started.

Everything you need to start, saving you time, money, and with much greater success.  

(Written and contributed by offshore workers)
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Guide is free

If anyone tells you that you can't start working offshore without offshore experience. Well thats rubbish, because everyone did 😂😂

It’s well paid, exciting(until you are used to it), you get flown to work in a helicopter (or sometimes by boat). It has one of the highest safety standards in world, and it is notoriously difficult to get into because the jobs are not listed anywhere.

Offshore, everything is massive, it will blow your mind the scale and size of everything, and how all this was built(and still building) out at sea. You cannot get the same impression from looking at a photo. 

If you have never seen what a £10 billion pound steel structure looks like, well now might be the time.

Below is the ‘Draugen’ platform in North Sea, Norwegian Sector. 

OGUK medical BOSIET and Rig Jobs

Summery of Whats Inside the guide

The Offshore Survival guide is an ebook download(PDF doc) 35 pages approx.

  1. The agencies list (25)
  2. Companies you can apply to directly
  3. Insight to how the industry works
  4. How different skills can easily cross over to oil and gas
  5. Great info and tools on finding the right people within a company you are applying for

It’s made to hand you all the info you need on a plate if you are starting-out. If you are in the industry already then the agencies list is a gem, we asked loads of people to get a list of agencies that they were actually were hired by. 

Email finding tool – there is an email finding tool that finds peoples emails and job positions in a company, It’s perfect for finding the best people to contact, and it’s free. (its further down this page) 

Read the info below about some good and bad points about the industry + answered FAQs, it’s enough for you to decide if this guide(and a job in this industry) is for you. 

FYI – Discounts on courses
If you are ever looking to do courses or medicals for either oil/gas or wind turbine. You can check the discounts page for discounts from course providers. (on the menu bar)