BOSIET, MIST Offshore Courses & Medical Certificate

Offshore Survival Training Courses for OIl gas career

What Offshore Training Courses you need to work offshore in the UK 

You need 2 survival training course and 2 medical certificates to work offshore in the UK:

The BOSIET course(formally RGIT) is the 3 day course you need to work offshore in oil and gas.  MIST is the 2 day training course you need to work on a plant/refinery/offshore  oil and gas industry. The OGUK medical is what you need to certify that you are in a safe physical condition to work. The new 'Fit to train', is the short medical that you need to be able to do the CA-EBS section of the BOSIET course, basically you can't do the BOSIET without it.  

Basically you need to do all of these to go offshore for the first time. 

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BOSIET Survival Course Certificate 

BOSIET stands for Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training. This is one of the courses that you need to start working offshore anywhere in the world, the course is a recognised offshore oil/gas standard. BOSIET is the course that provides the famous helicopter underwater emergency training (HUET training) 

offshore escape training aberdeen

BOSIET also includes, fire fighting, smoke escape, first aid training as well as oil gas industry knowledge building.

fire and emergency training for offshore rigs

Click on the button to learn more about BOSIET and what is involved. 

MIST Training Certifiate

The MIST training stands for Minimum Industry Standard Training, for people who are new to the offshore environment, this course is very valuable, it is now an official required training course, and you need the certificate to work offshore. You need to renew this every 4 years, it's a 2 day course the first time you do it, it's a 1 day online course when you do the refresher.  

Offshore Medical OGUK Certificate

get your offshore med certificate

The Offshore Medical is a 1 hour appointment with a registered oil/gas UK doctor, you need an offshore medical certificate to prove you are physically fit and health enough to work offshore, you can't work offshore without it.

Fit to Train Medical

The fit to train medical, is a new requirement for doing the BOSIET course, the BOSIET course changed part of the training to include the CA-EBS, essentially an emergency SCUBA system that you are required to use as part of your helicopter underwater escape training. Due to the risks of the CA-EBS you require to do a short fitness to train medical before attending the BOSIET. 

How Much does Offshore Survival Courses Cost

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The cost of the BOSIET course on it's own is between £500-1000 depending on where you go (Click to Check Prices)

If you are going to do your BOSIET for the first time it is better to do it as part of a package, because you'll need all 4 courses and medicals anyway. Not only will you save money doing it as a package, we also have a 19% discount from the leading provider in the UK. So you'll save even more money.  

MIST Price

The MIST course is a 2 day course and can cost as much £500, this course is always recommended to do with a package deal, because the cost of the MIST course is high when purchased individually. When you do the renewal after 4 years, you can do it online for a seriously reduced cost. 

Offshore Medical (OGUK) Price

The Offshore Medical will cost between £130-£180 depending on where you go. 

Fit to train price

The Fit to train medical, is a short medical, and is basically to remove liability from the BOSIET providers, to make sure you don't have any injuries that may be affected from using the equipment. It takes 10 mins and costs between £45-£60. It's steep for what it is, but like a lot of things in oil and gas, you pay the money, get the cert, and get out to earn as soon as you can. 

Package deals for Offshore Courses

Like we mentioned above, a package deal is the best way to go if you are starting out because you need all of the certs to get offshore. 

What you want the deal to include:

  • BOSIET training with CA-EBS (inc HUET helicopter underwater emergency training)
  • MIST course
  • OGUK Offshore Medical 
  • Fitness to train
  • Norwegian Escape Chute (for working in Norwegian waters, you want that, you usually get paid more)

Expect to pay £1100-£1500 for your offshore survival courses on a package deal, most prices are given excluding VAT of 20%, and the prices you see on a company website is usually written without VAT so don’t get too excited until you have accounted for the VAT.

Remember to use the Offshore Survival Website discount, you'll save more money. Read more about discounts.  

BOSIET Training Centres in the UK 

Check out the training centres

Or learn more about what BOSIET training is about.