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MIST Offshore Course Cost

There are 2 different prices for Minimum Industry Standard Training for oil/gas, or MIST course. The initial mist training is a 2day classroom course, and the refresher course which can be done online at a reduced cost and reduced time to complete.  Discounts available on BOSIET/FOET/MIST packages see discounts page


MIST Prices are pretty similar for most training providers, between £450-500. This cost is better to be paid as part of a package, because usually you need to a BOSIET at the same time, and usually a OGUK medical as well, so it’s much more cost effective to package them together, and you get Norwegian escape chute and other useful extras. 

MIST Course Provider Scotland

Survivex FOET MIST and Medical

Mist course price: 475
Location: Aberdeen
Tel: 03302020569

MIST Course Provider England

Mist course price: £500+VAT
Location: Newcastle
Tel: 03302020569

FYI – these two companies have recently merged and now are collectively the biggest oil/gas and renewables training company in the UK. 

MIST Package Discount

We have recommended the below training providers, because they are giving us a discount for our readers/followers. So that not only are they the best training provider(in our opinion), with the discount they also become the cheapest for doing all your oil and gas training packages. To get your discount with them, all you need to do is quote ‘Offshore Survival Website‘ to the booking person. You’ll get about £250 off your course. See our discount page to see the other courses with discounts.