GWO Training courses

GWO training, 5 courses

The following are the standard 5 courses for working on the onshore and offshore wind farms.
It’s not 100% necessary to complete all courses to work on the wind turbine industry, there are some conditions where you maybe working on the construction phases and you may not need all of the certification.

In most cases, these are the training courses you need:

  • Working at height GWO 
  • Manual handling training GWO (often combined with working at height)
  • Fire Awareness GWO
  • First Aid GWO
  • Sea Survival GWO
There is a discounted package rate for all 5.
See discounts page for more info

Watch the GWO Survival Training

Training Centre Locations

Where are the GWO training centres? 


If you want to work on the offshore wind farms, you need to do GWO training at one of the different certified training facilities. There are training facilities in both Scotland and England, click on one of the following to see your nearest training centre. 

Where do you want your training?

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Looking for GWO in another Country?

map of GWO training locations international

See here for a list of all the GWO training providers worldwide.


GWO, what does it mean?

GWO training certification is what you need to work on the offshore wind farms. 

The acronym GWO stands for Global Wind Organisation, and is the governing body for the working regulations on wind turbines.