chester step test medical exam in aberdeen

Chester Step Test Medical Aberdeen

The Chester step test is a standard part of the RUK(wind turbine) renewables medical. 
For oil and gas workers: OGUK medical + chester step test (in many cases) can qualify as an RUK medical.  

Aberdeen Chester step test (RUK) medical provider


Location:  1 Thistle Rd, Dyce, Aberdeen AB21 7DU (map below)
Tel: 01224900968

Thistle have a voicemail type reception, you say your name/chester step test medical/date you need/contact number, they’ll phone you back ASAP.

What Is the Chester Step Test?

The Chester step test (CST) is a submaximal, multistage aerobic capacity test used to predict cardiorespiratory fitness.

How Does the Chester Step Test Work?

The Chester step test is basically a fitness exam that involves climbing steps. Which is a big part of a wind turbine technician role. If you are involved in the wind turbine industry that may involve you climbing then you’ll probably need this certificate to work on site. 

Technically, CST predicts aerobic capacity from a statistical line of best fit. The graph is plotted based on the mathematical correlation between oxygen cost, workload, and heart rate.  This linear relationship is considered in association with the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM’s) metabolic cost of stepping equation. The result? Aerobic capacity is foretold from a line of best fit.

graph for chester step test calculations

How Long Does the Chester Step Test Take?

While the exact time duration may vary from test to test, the Chester step test usually takes about ten minutes. However you may be in longer for the paperwork and reviewing your medical history. 

Chester Step Test and Wind Turbine Medicals?

The wind turbine medical often called RUK is and includes a chester step test, Aberdeen based RUK medical providers can do both chester step test, or the full RUK exam, with different costs.