02 orbital water turbine made in Dundee birds eye view

Dundee Renewables Good News for Jobs

Recently, Dundee was trending on energy bulletins across the world as the world’s most powerful tidal turbine began generating electricity. It was at the port of Dundee that the 680-tonne Orbital O2, the world’s most powerful tidal turbine, was assembled over a period of 18 months. 

The turbine which is currently anchored close to Orkney, will produce enough electricity to power 2000 homes. As important as this accomplishment is, it is also a sign of the growing attractiveness of Dundee as a site for renewable energy activity. Projects such as these bring not just laurels to the city’s name but also put Dundee on the energy map and attract still more investment and jobs. 

02 orbital getting towed from Dundee to Orkney

Dundee Companies Doing Well

In fact, the first quarter of this year heralded some good news for Dundee’s renewable energy industry with Dundee-based Coast Renewable winning the contract to service and maintain EDF’s wind turbines. This news meant adding 20 staff to the existing 40 strong workforce of this Dundee firm. Anticipating growing demand for wind energy professionals as more and more energy projects come to the city, Coast has entered into a partnership with Dundee & Angus College to deliver training for the wind turbine sector. 

Dundee has been on the wind energy map for a few years now as it is the marine hub for the ambitious Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) offshore wind farm. The 54 wind turbine generators (WTG) will be supplied by Siemens Gamesa and assembled at the Port of Dundee. 

The city’s bid to become a wind energy hub is in line with Scotland’s target to generate the equivalent of 100% of its electricity demand from renewables. Eyeing this energy transition, the Dundee-based Pryme Group has merged with two offshore specialists Caley Ocean Systems and IMES International. 

£20mil Lith-Ion Battery Storage Facility

A £20 million battery storage facility will be set up in Dundee by Environmental infrastructure fund JLEN. The storage facility is expected to reach energisation and start commercial operations in March 2022. The city’s focus on climate change is bringing economic stimulus in new and different ways. Take, for instance, the £12 million makeover sanction given to the  Discovery point. This funding seeks to transform the iconic museum into a world-class centre for Antarctic heritage, connecting the pioneering history of the RRS Discovery with contemporary global issues such as climate change, the ocean environment, and current Antarctic science.  

Dundee has also been preparing the port to be an ideal location for decommissioning and offshore wind projects. Investments totalling £40 million have been rolled in and even the up-gradation of the port has created jobs for the people of Dundee city. Due to its geographical location and shorter travel distance to the north sea, Dundee is also anticipating an upsurge in decommissioning projects. The Dundee port is equipped with the right gear, professional experience, and capacity to fulfill all decommissioning needs as was evident in the Curlew Project.  

Dundee Energy News

As hundreds of workers diligently toil on the  £40 million overhaul of the port, Dundee poises to welcome new energy projects to the city. 

Renewables Training In/Near Dundee

GWO Training Courses

As Scotland is becoming the front runner for renewables energy, also the reason why Scotland is the chosen location for the  COP26 summit. If you are interested in the training courses involved in working on the onshore and offshore wind turbines, see the list of GWO training providers in Scotland.

Renewables Medicals In Dundee

As the industry grows, new industrial certification comes with it, new RUK medicals in Dundee (Renewables UK) becomes the norm for renewables workers. 

Due to a large crossover of oil and gas workers to the Renewables field, there has been allowances for Dundee oil workers holding a current OGUK medical, to do only the chester step test medical part of the RUK medical to be certified for not only oil and gas but also the wind turbine industry. 


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