Glasgow Medical OGUK and fit to train

Fit To Train Medical Glasgow

For a fit to train medical in Glasgow, required prior to a BOSIET/FOET course. The provider below does oil/gas renewables medicals.

Quick booking enquiry

Location: 24 Buckingham Terrace, Glasgow, G12 8ED
Tel: 01417373289

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We have recommended this medical based on price, location, and they are accommodating for last minute medicals.

Fit to Train, what is involved

The fit to train medical assessment is an accountability measure before you do your BOSIET training. It will take you less than 10 mins to confirm that you are ‘fit to train’. You will discuss your medical history for anything that may harm you during the CA-EBS part of the BOSIET.

How much does Fit to Train cost?

It costs about £80 depending on where you go. The main cost of this is the inconvenience if you end up booking with a BOSIET provider who doesn’t have an on site medical practice. 

Glasgow - other industry medicals

There are several oil/gas and renewables medical certificates, including RUK, ENG1 and OGUK.