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A HAVS medical assesses you for Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome, if you work with vibrating equipment offshore(or onshore) and you need a doctor to perform a medical or assessment in Aberdeen, here is our recommended provider. 

Thistle Occupational Health (HAVS medical provider)


Location:  1 Thistle Rd, Aberdeen AB21 7DU
Tel: 01224900968

Thistle have a voicemail type reception, you say your name/HAVS medical/date you need/contact number, they’ll phone you back ASAP. 

What is HAVs

HAVS simply means Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome. It is a condition caused by repeated occupational exposure to vibrating hand tools. HAVS may manifest in a variety of ways and is therefore grouped into three components.

  1. The peripheral neuropathy

This causes numbness, tingling, or both. Loss of dexterity may also occur.

  1. Musculoskeletal problems

Musculoskeletal problems can be termed the least specific symptom of HAVS. This is because its signs might also be an indication of other conditions. Musculoskeletal problems resulting from HAVS may range from discomfort to pain and weakness of the hands, wrist, elbows, and the entire body.

  1. Secondary Raynaud’s Phenomenon

This is the most pronounced sign of HAVS. Well, demarcated blanching of the fingers starting at the distal end of the digits may be noticed. This then extends as the disease advances sometimes leaving only the thumb unaffected.

Who Is Prone to HAVS?

Workers who use handheld power tools or high vibrating power tools such as power saws, hammer drills, sanders, riveters, impact wrenches, needle scalers regularly are at risk of HAVS. Industries, where workers are highly at risk, include construction, maintenance, rail, and mining amongst others.

What Are the Symptoms of HAVS?

Individuals with HAVS may experience loss of strength in hands, numbness in fingers reduced grip, and in more critical cases they may suffer from permanent damage to bones in the hands and arms.