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HGV Medicals: What You Need To Know…

The HGV medical test is required to obtain an HGV license in the United Kingdom. This article answers FAQs about HGV and HGV medicals.

What Is HGV?

HGV is an abbreviation for heavy goods vehicles. Any lorry with a gross domestic mass of over 3,500kg is considered an HGV. Large emergency vehicles, livestock trucks, flatbed lorries, tankers, and other special vehicles fall under this category

Who Is an HGV Driver?

An HGV driver is an individual who is licensed to drive a heavy goods vehicle commercially.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be an HGV Driver?

To be an HGV driver, you must possess a valid HGV driver’s license. Here are certain conditions you need to meet to get an HGV license

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a full car license
  • Have a good driving record
  • Pass the HGV theory test
  • Pass the HGV medicals

What Is the HGV Medical Test?

The HGV medical test is a medical examination that ensures that an individual is physically and medically fit to drive a heavy goods vehicle. HGV medicals are crucial to the issuance of an HGV license in the UK.

The HGV medical examination is done for every new driver alongside paperwork (D4) that is checked by the physician for examination. Old and experienced drivers are also mandated to take a new medical exam every time their license needs to be renewed. HGV licenses for these categories – C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1 or D1E, all have a validity of five years for drivers below age 45.

What's the D4 Medical Form?

The D4 medical form is a form that your attending doctor will fill and states whether or not you’re medically fit to drive a heavy goods vehicle. The paper is obtained from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and must be taken for an HGV medical test. 

Heavy Goods Vehicles Medical Providers

Not just any doctor is certified to perform these medicals, we have listed some doctors in particular areas that we know does them. See HGV medical Aberdeen, and also HGV medical Dundee. Other locations will be added over time. See the medicals tab on the menu. 

What Does an HGV Medical Include?

There are majorly two parts to an HGV medical:

1) The Interview

Here, the physician asks some questions about your health and past health history. The doctor also discusses any existing medical condition(s) that could inhibit safe driving. This interview is usually done before the actual physical examination.

2) Physical Examination

This is the second stage of HGV medicals. At this stage, the doctor fills an official DVLA form that he’ll later submit directly to the authorities. The doctor checks your vital signs, eyesight, mental health, neurological stability, etc.The duration of this exam isn’t more than 30 minutes.

What Are HGV Medical Requirements?

To obtain approval from a private doctor or your doctor as the case may be. To successfully pass the HGV medicals, Here are the critical requirements.

Good Vision

One of the vital elements your doctor will be considering is your eyesight. It is required that all HGV drivers can read a number plate from a distance of about 18 meters, whether wearing glasses or not.If you use glasses, your prescription can’t go beyond +8, and the minimum angle for your vision is 160 degrees.

Neurological fitness

Neurological problems could carry grave consequences for drivers and road users. Hence, it is required that the driver in question be neurologically fit. The doctor will inquire about various medical conditions, including memory problems, seizures, epilepsy, stroke, blackouts, etc. The doctor could also enquire about previous brain surgeries and other neurological procedures

Mental health

For safety, all HGV drivers must be in good mental health conditions. To affirm this, your attending doctor might discuss various mental health conditions with you. He may also attempt to find out if you have had any mental health conditions in the past. Conditions discussed with you may include depression, dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, cognitive impairment, etc.

Heart health

The heart is a very vital organ of the body. Hence, any unmanaged heart disease is considered a red flag in the medical test. If you have a heart condition being treated, it shouldn’t be a problem, except it is life-threatening. However, you might be denied permission to drive under certain conditions, e.g., if you recently had heart surgery. Your doctor will discuss some of these conditions with you.

Alcohol and Drug Usage

It is against the law for any driver to be under the influence of alcohol. For HGV drivers, the doctor will rigorously examine your records for any signs of drug abuse and alcohol intake. Note that if you are a drug addict or alcoholic, you will likely fail your HGV medical examination. Also, during the HGV medical, a doctor can seek any signs of chronic drug and alcohol use.

Can I Wear Glasses or Contact Lens for My Medicals?

If you wear glasses, you can wear them for your test. You’d be asked to take a test without your glasses or eye contact and another with it. If you wear glasses, the corrective power of your lens should not exceed (+8) diopters. You should also have a horizontal visual field of at least 160 degrees.

How Often Do Heavy Goods Drivers Need Medicals?

Every incoming driver must take the HGV medicals. After that, you undergo the examination to ensure you’re still fit each time you renew your license

Do HGV Drivers Get Drug Tested?

Undoubtedly, alcohol and illegal drug use is a leading cause of accidents and deaths. In the UK, driving an HGV with drugs or alcohol in one’s system is unlawful. So, the doctor also checks for signs of alcohol and drug use during the examination. If you have alcohol in your system during your medical, that is a clear sign of a problem. 

Do HGV Medicals Test for Sleep Disorders?

Yes. Lack of sleep remains a cause of fatal road accidents. So signs of possible sleep disorder are also noted by the doctor during the medical examination.Having sleep disorders does not automatically disqualify you, but you must be honest with your doctor, not to endanger lives so your situation can be managed professionally.

How much does the HGV medical exam cost?

There is a price to pay, but it varies depending on if you use a private or public doctor. Therefore, seek out the best doctors with a fair fee perfect for your pocket. The average cost of an HGV medical is between the range of £60-£65 including VAT.