OGUK Offshore Medical Centre In Teesside

Offshore oil and gas workers looking for an OGUK medical certificate in the Teesside area, we recommend the provider below. 

Tees Medical Services

Medical price: 
Location: Tees Medical Services Suites 9 & 10 ,Royal Middlehaven House, 21 Gosford Street , Middlesbrough, TS2 1BB
Tel: 01642 988152

OGUK Medical Aberdeen

OGUK requirements Teesside

Teesside is a growing hub for oil and gas industries, located in the north of England. With this large developing industry there is an increasing demand for skilled workers. It’s a good location for workers going to the scottish sector and also the english sector of the North Sea 

OGUK medical overview

An OGUK Offshore Medical at the above medical consists of the following:

  •       Completion of Patient Questionnaire 
  •       Doctor consultation / Screening
  •       Urinalysis – test for diabetes and multi panel drug screen test with immediate result
  •       BMI – measurement of height, weight and calculation of Body Mass Index
  •       General medical examination of the cardiovascular, abdominal and neurological systems
  •       Near, Distance and Colour Vision
  •       Pulse and Blood Pressure Measurement
  •       Audiogram (hearing test)

How much is an OGUK Medical

OGUK certificates cost £130-190 approx in the Teesside area. 

In a situation where you are doing all your offshore courses at the same time. You can do both the fit to train and OGUK medical as a package, which can cost between £180-£230 to do them both combined.

Check our discounts page for package deals.

Other Oil/Gas Medicals in Teesside

There are many oil/gas/renewables medical certs available, Fitness to train for those doing BOSIETs, HSE diving medical, RUK renewables and ENG1 marine medicals.

Is this the only OGUK medical provider in Teesside?

No, there are others, but we have recommended the above Teesside provider for a combination of price, availability and service.