RGIT writing with helicopter and offshore survival written next to it

RGIT Course Aberdeen

Here is our recommended RGIT course provider in Aberdeen. The RGIT offshore survival course was renamed many years ago to BOSIET. 

Not much has changed since the RGIT course days, the BOSIET course now has a CA-EBS section to the course, where you use a small scuba system in helicopter instead of a re-breather.

RGIT(BOSIET) Course Provider Aberdeen

Survivex FOET MIST and Medical

Location: Aberdeen
Tel: 01224 679308 

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RGIT Course Cost

The RGIT course price in Aberdeen is £800 approx including VAT.
If you are doing it for the first time to go offshore, then you’ll need to do a MIST course, OGUK medical and Fitness to train medical, them you’ll be ready to go offshore. The course provider above does all of these in their Aberdeen facility. 

What does RGIT stand for?

RGIT stands for the Robert Gordons Institute of Technology, they pioneered the offshore safety standards in oil and gas.