Aberdeen The Oil and Gas City

Aberdeen has been a global Oil and Gas Hub for the past 40 years. The Americans first came to Aberdeen, realising the potential of all the oil fields out in the North Sea then they taught us how to drill and extract all that precious oil.

Aberdeen Oil and Gas Development

The oil and gas industry grew and grew, all of the UK benefited from the money that flowed through Aberdeen. Headquarters for all the major oil companies were built in the granite city to manage the enormous amount of investment and infrastructure that would begin. Even the amount of personnel preparations has begun. See the OGUK medicals pages. 

Aberdeen Oil and Gas Authority

Aberdeen changed from a humble fishing town to the oil and gas capital of Europe. Now it holds events like Offshore Europe which is a massive oil and gas event that brings hundreds of thousands of people to Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Today

Aberdeen economy is now struggling a little due to the global recession and low oil prices, so now projects are on hold and people have lost their jobs. Aberdeen is now even greyer than before. The industry is running a skeleton crew as the projects are in hibernation mode awaiting the oil price to rise back up near $100 a barrel.

Aberdeen is Ready

When will it be? 2 years, 5 years who knows but Aberdeen and the big oil companies are ready, in the past 3 years during the recession more big companies have built office buildings in Westhill and Kingswells on the outskirts of Aberdeen, if they are investing in Aberdeens future then you should start investing in yours, get you offshore survival training done now so you are ready for the change.

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