OGUK Offshore Medical Aberdeen

There are many different OGUK offshore medical providers in Aberdeenshire. Now that the Oil Industry is picking up again, the medical centres are getting busy and it can be hard to get an OGUK medical arranged last minute.

OGUK Offshore Medical Centre In Aberdeen



Our recommendation, for location, service, flexibility, last min medicals etc

40 Union Terrace
AB10 1NP, UK

OGUK Medical Aberdeen

Same day OGUK medicals, last minute

To save you time, we are in touch with centres that keep spaces open, and the centres will be dynamically updated on this page. You can go on the same day, get your OGUK medical, leave with the Cert and be on the chopper the same day.

We will post the number of the medical centre that has OGUK medical slots that you can attend today. I have personally needed a medical ASAP and went down the OGUK register, and rang one Offshore doctor after another, half an hour it took me to find one that had a slot.

If you have ever been in the position where you need to get your medical last minute and it is up to you to go and make it happen, then you will appreciate this page.

OGUK Offshore Medical Cost

So how much does it really cost? It varies, and prices are regularly given without VAT. But the ballpark figure is £100-150. You can check for the best prices in the UK for BOSIET, OGUK, and Mist in this article.

Other medicals

See page for Eng1 Medical Aberdeen.

Is this only in Aberdeen?

At the moment, yes, we don’t have relationships with OGUK medical centres outside Aberdeen just yet, but we are working on it. Apparently, people go offshore from places other than Aberdeen, who would have thought it!?

The best place to check is in the OGUK register for certified doctors. See https://oilandgasuk.co.uk/examining-doctors-uk/

There are other courses in Aberdeen that have slots open for today. We will have that organizsd shortly.

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