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We have a page for different types of medicals. For example the basic one for oil and gas is OGUK, for renewables it’s the RUK Wind Turbine medical, the rest are very specific for what you need. 

OGUK Medical Aberdeen

If you are in Aberdeen

To make things easy, we recommend this doctors practice, because they fit you in, they’re nice in person, good price and they do all of the medicals above.

AIS Survivex
01224 679308

Kirkhill Commercial Park, Dyce Ave, Aberdeen AB21 0LQ

Discount available – see discount page.

If you want to take a look at the full list, the OGUK certified doctors list.

OGUK Medicals




For BOSIETs, also called ‘offshore survival course’ which is the 3 day course where you learn about oil and gas rigs, boats and what the safety procedures are.  You also will be belted into a helicopter shell turned upside down and sunk underwater to practice escape drills. 

This is the more expensive part of the basic training. The price can vary from place to place, depending on the training facility, we checked the different prices one time, and you can find a breakdown of BOSIT price cost comparisons between the different training providers. 

FOET / BOSIET Refresher

The BOSIET refresher aka FOET is a 1 day course for people who have previously completed their BOSIETs (and it’s still in date). 


MIST info

Mist stands for minimum industry standard training, and is a requirement for going offshore. 

For prices from different training providers, see our MIST course cost page

What do you need to work offshore?




We have pages that might be of interest to you. that is not basic training or medicals. 

For example:


Rig Jobs, what are they? 

Check out our page on the different jobs you get offshore, both on rigs and vessels


Survival Guide.

This is a guide that was made by offshore workers to help someone who is trying to get into the industry. It’s the kind of guide that maybe you’ll only fully appreciate how good it is, once you are in. It has a price, to buy beers for the guys who made it. Totally worth every penny. 

Women Offshore


Women in oil and gas, we have a page talking about that. Oil and gas is definitely an industry dominated demographically by men, but is in no way restricted to it. It’s an interesting little read.