PCR Test in Aberdeen, Pre-Travel

Do you will need to organise a private PCR test? Check first, on the GOV website  

If you are travelling for work, and you are not eligible for a free PCR test from the government then you’ll need to find a PCR test provider (most offshore workers fall into this category sadly despite the energy industry being regarded as an essential service).

PCR Test Options - Aberdeen

Aberdeen Airport do a park and test service. You need to organise is it on their website.

Option 1
PCR test 12 hour turn around = £150

Option 2 
PCR test 24 hour turn around = £80

Click to their website

pcr testing menu price
Menu from the Aberdeen Airport PCR testing page

PCR Test Location in Aberdeen

The location of the Aberdeen airport PCR testing point is in the short stay car park, which is the main car park right in front of Aberdeen Airport