RUK Renewables Medical In Newcastle

For RUK / Wind turbine medicals in or near Newcastle Upon Tyne area, we recommend OH3. They do ENG1, HSE, RUK as well as the OGUK medicals, open all week, they’ll do what they can to fit you in, and a fair price. 
This is the RUK, wind turbine, renewables medical with chester step test

OH3 ltd

Location: 172 New Bridge St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 2TE
Tel: 01916409395

RUK / renewables requirements in Newcastle

With newcastle being a base for Oil and Gas workers in the North of England, there is constant need for ENG1 medicals near newcastle, especially those going out to Norway. As for the test itself, the requirements are set by GWO

RUK Wind Turbine Medical Cost

So how much does it cost for an RUK wind turbine medical in Newcastle? It’s about £130-190 depending on where you go. 

Other Medicals in Newcastle

This particular medical provider in Newcastle does OGUK medicals in newcastle, HSE diving and ENG1 medical

Is this only RUK medical provider in Newcastle

No, but some of the others have bad google reviews.