Offshore Courses Starting out

Green Hat Training, Offshore Survival Course
There is a vast number of offshore courses out there, however how to know the best ones to go for if you are starting out? BOSIET MIST and Medical [caption id="attachment_328" align="alignnone" width="300"] Survivex[/caption] Get your BOSIET, MIST training certificates and an Offshore Medical, this means if a job comes up last minute, you are ready to go, it takes 5 days to complete all of these, and if you are offered an ad-hoc job from an agency and they want you to fly out of Aberdeen in the morning they are not going to wait a week for you to get your courses done. Offshore Survival Course Prices The Prices you would think are pretty standard but they do vary,  you can get discounts for the BOSIET offshore survival course with MIST and…
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